• When you participate as a panel member, your privacy is assured.

  • We will not make any personal information of our panel members available to anyone without your knowledge, except in the rare instances required by law. This includes your name, address, phone number and e-mail ID.

  • Occasionally, we may contact you to validate responses. We will never misrepresent ourselves or what we are doing

  • Your individual responses to surveys will also be kept confidential and will never be linked to your personal identifying information.

  • Your decisions about participating in a study, responding to specific questions, or discontinuing participation will be respected without question.

Information Collected:

We conduct research that involves people from around the globe. We aggregate and remove any personally identifiable information before sending research results to our clients. In addition, certain survey findings might be published on our websites (in anonymous form) so that our respondents can be among the first to hear about the concerns and interests of people around the world. 

When you register as an interactive panel member, we collect the following personal identifying information: your name, address, postal code, e-mail ID, and phone number. 

We use your name and e-mail ID to let you know about opportunities to take surveys. Panel members are notified about an opportunity to take a survey several times per year. We also send brief e-mails to our panel members several times a year to provide information of interest and to express our appreciation for their participation. 

We use electronic addresses to mail cash payments to members who have completed surveys. 

Phone numbers are used to return calls to answer a question or address any concerns. On rare occasions, we call panelists to validate survey responses. If a member has agreed to participate in a telephone interview, we use the phone number volunteered by the member for the call. 

Your Personal Information:

We will not make any personal information of our panel members available to anyone without your knowledge, except in the rare instances required by law. This includes your name, address, phone number, and e-mail ID. If ehealthxpress acquires or spins off all or part of its business, or in the event of a bankruptcy proceeding, it might convey its business assets, including survey participant data. If a change of ownership occurs, a notice will be posted here, so please check this policy regularly.

Unsubscribe Policy:

Panel members may decline to respond to survey(s) or opt out of our panel at any time. We respect the decision to decline participation and will not try to dissuade you. If you choose to stop participating in our research surveys, you may unsubscribe from our survey invitations at any time by following the unsubscribe link on the e-mail invite page. 

We may require to retain some information for a period of 3 years. This information will not be shared with anyone at any point in time even after you unsubscribe from the panel. You may join our panel again if you wish to but will have to go through the entire registration process again.

Safety and Security

We use firewalls to protect the servers from outside intrusion. We use a variety of physical, administrative and technical measures to secure the data stored on our servers, including limiting physical access to our central data servers. Our policy is to allow only authorized personnel to access the physical areas where such servers are located. Please be aware, however, that no security measures are guaranteed to protect against unauthorized access.

How We Use the Information You Provide 

The information provided by you is primarily to contact you about surveys in which we would like you to participate, or to provide you with the results of the surveys. We may also use your personal information to: 


  • Send you a gift card via e-mail for signing up or for referring others who sign up.

  • Notify you about new features on our websites, or other products or services in which we think you may be interested

  • Update our internal database of individuals willing to take part in research and surveys

  • Provide you with information about incentives for responding to our survey requests.

  • Process your answers to surveys and summarize the results

  • Conduct research surveys on behalf of third parties

  • Provide a unique, non-personally identifiable ID (not associated with you) to our research partners so they may conduct surveys on our behalf and report the findings to us

  • To provide you with information relating to rewards provided by any third parties, including but not limited to a reward provided in response to your participation in surveys

  • Contact you by e-mail to invite you to take part in surveys and offline focus groups; and/or invite you to enter a sweepstakes or participate in other incentive programs as a reward for participating in our surveys