We are a team of Domain Experts with over 4 decades of experience in market research in Healthcare..

We help Biopharma, Pharmaceutical and other research companies to design a better future by providing accurate and necessary insights from health practitioners, professionals and patients. 

eHealthxpress is an initiative of Tantra Research-  a result-oriented global Market Research firm specializing in Healthcare research. 

We support healthcare business decisions by providing insights from Physicians, Specialists, Healthcare Practitioners, Patients and other key stakeholders in the Healthcare industry. 

We are looking for healthcare professionals to join our expert market research panel and voice their opinions.

why we joined 
Dr. Andrew Khan

"It gives me a lot of satisfaction of sharing my knowledge for better tomorrow"

Dr. Amelia Write

"I wanted to voice my opinion so that it would be easier for the pharma companies to make their decisions""

Dr. Anthony Robins

"There is so much to give back to the community but we always think otherwise"